Expert counsel in immigration law

Immigration law is a highly complex legal domain that is subject to constant transformation due to changing political conditions within Germany and abroad. The application of the law is made more difficult by the often inconsistent and constantly evolving legal decisions handed down by the courts in tandem with the often urgent need for legal remedy. Last but not least, the difficult vertical character of international law (e.g. ECHR, Refugee Convention), EU law (e.g. Qualification Directive, Dublin III Regulation), and German law (Asylum Act, Residence Act, Employment Ordinance) considerably reduces the transparency of this legal domain.

SCHEIBENHOF combines extensive experience in this field of legal practice with a dedication to staying abreast of all relevant legal changes and their ramifications. Dr. Christian Scheibenhof is particularly well-versed in matters pertaining to the following issues:

  • EU freedom of movement law (labor migration, permanent residence, etc.)
  • Visa law (educational migration, labor migration, family reunification, etc.)
  • Right of residence (residence permits, expulsions, refugee law, recognition and revocation proceedings, Dublin proceedings, etc.)
  • Citizenship law (naturalization, revocation of naturalization, etc.)
  • Social assistance law specific to migration law (asylum seeker benefits, long-term unemployment insurance, determination of a degree of disability, etc.)
  • Criminal law specific to migration law

Dr. Christian Scheibenhof seeks to avoid unnecessary legal costs and to comprehensively clarify in advance the expenses arising from pursuing a case, including the associated chance of success. If legal proceedings are unavoidable – as is so often the case in public law – Dr. Scheibenhof is ready to vigorously support his clients with his extensive litigation experience.